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The Advantage of Air Stapler


Have you considered adding a finish stapler to your tool box?

The pull-out strength on a finish stapler is much more than that of a finish nail of the same gauge. This is because you have two legs in the wood instead of just one. Finish staplers are usually trouble-free, lightweight tools that can drive a galvanized staple up to 1 1/2" in length. The narrow crown of the staple (usually 1/4" or 3/16" crown) is what makes it a finish stapler. If adjusted correctly, an air tool can counter-sink a finish staple into the wood, leaving only a very small indentation line of about a 1/4".


Since finish staples have excellent holding power, they are a great choice for many interior and exterior finish applications such as exterior soffits, interior paneling, cabinet backs, and drawer assembly.


A stapler is considered heavy duty compared to light wire staplers that drive small lighter gauge staples up to 3/4". The light wire staplers are a whole different set of tools used primarily for upholstery applications.


The light wire staplers are available in several different crown widths, with some over 1/2" wide. These tools will drive into hardwoods, but they are designed to flush the staple and not counter-sink the staple. This is because you don't want to drive through the material you are attaching. These tools can be used on upholstery materials of all types, cloth, leather, plastic as well as foil, roofing felt and paper-backed insulation.


Advantages of Pneumatic Staple Gun

As with everything, there are pros and cons to even the best pneumatic staple gun on the market. Here are a few of the most important ones:

Power: Made for heavy-duty stapling on thick and hard material. The pneumatic staple gun is powered by an air compressor that gives it the sheer force it requires to shoot the staples at high-speed.

Lightweight: The pneumatic staple gun has no need for a complex firing mechanism, therefore it is lighter than other stapler types.

Affordable: Unlike electric staple guns, this type is cost-effective.

Versatility: The pneumatic stapler accepts a wider range of fasteners is making it more versatile to work with.

Pneumatic staplers are handy tools as many finish carpenters, cabinet makers, DIY, hobbyist and upholsterers know.


Light weight, never jam.

It can strike more than 1,000,000 times without changing any parts!