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Take Care of your Spray Gun


Take Care of your Spray Gun

 The better spray gun needs more careful care, so users should pay more attention to the use of the spray gun maintenance

How to clean spray gun

After use, the spray gun and its accessories should be cleaned immediately. Failure to maintain and clean in time is the main reason for the failure of the spray gun. 

When cleaning suction feed nozzle, first remove the paint tank and flow the suction pipe into the cup.Then release the air cap 2-3 times, block the air cap with a folded cloth, and pull the trigger.This allows the paint in the spray gun to flow back into the paint tank. 

Note: use low pressure, when the paint tank is still on the gun, do not carry out the above operation, otherwise the paint will splash out from the tank. 

Tighten the air cap again and pour the paint back into the original tank.Clean the inside and cover of the cup with a solvent and a dilute brush. Wipe off the residue with a cloth soaked with solvent.Then pour a little clean detergent into the cup, pull the plate machine, spray the detergent, and clean the feeding tube. 

Remove the air cap, soak in a thinner or solvent, and clean the clogged hole with a soft brush like a round toothbrush or straw broom.Remember, never use anything like wire or nails to clear these holes, because they are carefully drilled.Clean the nozzle with a spray brush and solvent.Wipe the outside of the gun with a cloth soaked with a thinner. 

At present, some areas and units have started to use automatic cleaning machine gun, combined with manual hand washing to clean the gun, cleaning effect is very good.Put the spraying equipment into the big barrel of the machine for cleaning and recycling with the spray gun, cover the barrel cover, and then open the pneumatic pump to rotate the cleaning liquid in the cleaning bucket.It takes less than a minute for the device to clean the parts for use.Compared with the traditional manual cleaning method, the automatic cleaning solution can save 10 minutes for changing the coating operation. The cleaner increases the safety of the painter because the skin is no longer exposed to the dry solvents.The system is designed with a screw plug at the bottom that can easily drain the waste liquid. 

In cleaning spray gun and other operations, there will be a large amount of solvent left, if it is thrown out directly, it is very wasteful and is not conducive to environmental protection.Solvent recovery machine USES high temperature distillation, after the recovery of dirty solvents, can get clean solvents, saving a lot of solvents, more protection of the environment. 

Note: if the spray gun is not cleaned immediately after use, the nozzle will be partially or completely blocked, causing the spray nozzle to split (spray dry coating fragments) or spray shape wrong.This is especially true for enamels with additives.The paint will harden inside the spray gun if it is not cleaned immediately after use.

Spray gun maintenance

It is best to lubricate the spray gun after work every day.Sealing rings, springs, needle valves and nozzles must be replaced regularly due to normal wear and aging.The replacement should be carried out according to the rongpeng 's instructions.Due to the excessive oil will flow into the paint and oil channel, resulting in the spray defects, so lubrication must be very careful, after the oil and paint mix will reduce the spray quality. 

Do not soak the whole spray gun in the cleaning solution for a long time, which will harden the seal ring and damage the lubrication effect. 

In order to achieve the best repair effect, different spray guns should be used in different coatings and situations.It is recommended that each person be equipped with four spray guns, one for primer and medium coating, one for topcoat and varnish layer, one for silver powder paint spraying, and one for small repair gun for spot repair.If these spray guns are kept in good cleaning and working order, it will save a lot of adjustment and cleaning time when changing guns.

Welcome to use spray gun from rongpeng .The more care ,the long time you can use ...